What Happens When the Lending Industry Achieves its Automation Goals

In the second part of our fall webinar series, three industry experts come together to discuss the state of touchless automation in today’s mortgage industry. With application rates and revenue decreasing, panelists discuss why it’s the right time to invest in automation technology, from change management and ROI perspectives.

Panelists also explore what the impact of true automation will be for the industry, once it is achieved. With so many touchpoints in the application process, automation can help lenders reduce friction and provide a superior experience for borrowers. When friction is reduced and the application process is compressed, it “gives people more time to be people,” in the words of Kevin Peranio, Chief Lending Officer at PRMG. When the loan manufacturing process is automated, mortgage professionals are able to position themselves as trusted financial advisors and build more lasting relationships with borrowers.

Watch their interactive discussion. You’ll walk away with valuable insights on the following topics:

  • The current state of touchless automation in the mortgage industry
  • How automation is reducing pain points and improving customer experience in the loan manufacturing process
  • Why true touchless automation and trustworthy data is beneficial to all stakeholders
  • How to ensure ROI for your organization when investing in automation