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TRUE automates forms processing for tax and accounting firms, helping accelerate tax preparation, streamline data extraction, and reduce accounts payable costs.

Processing just got a lot easier.

Our Financial Services & Tax Prep Automation solutions support both K-1 processing and invoice processing so you can quickly meet pressing deadlines, free up your team, and realize incredible cost savings.

K-1 Processing Solution

TRUE automates tax data collection, K-1 data correction, and state data correlation processes — eliminating tedious manual data entry.

Our solution auto-validates face page information against supplemental pages to ensure accuracy. Then, it extracts detailed, line-item data from both federal and state K-1 forms and automatically validates it.

The result?

We’ve seen K-1 processing time decrease from as much as three hours to as little as 15 minutes.

Invoice Processing Solution

TRUE extracts relevant data from invoices and AP documents, regardless of source, format, or location — reducing manual data entry and errors by more than 80%.

Built with more than 50,000 vendor invoices and auto-splitting technology, our solution significantly reduces manual corrections and prep time. And, it automatically detects invoices with missing or incorrect data fields and moves them to an exception stream.

TRUE easily integrates with your existing workflow and decreases the cost per invoice by more than 30%.

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