The Evolution of AI and Lending

David Lowman, a veteran of the mortgage industry and finance business luminary, speaks alongside the TRUE team to unpack how other industry segments have evolved by using AI, and how the mortgage industry will benefit by using similar technologies, processes, solutions.

AI Use Cases for the Mortgage Industry

TRUE partnered with National Mortgage News to host an interactive discussion around the proven application of AI within the mortgage manufacturing process, the future of AI within lending, and how it will help transform the lending landscape.

a TRUE Look at AI in the Mortgage Industry in 2024

This paper explores the existing and future benefits of AI in the real estate ecosystem. Embracing AI in mortgage processes streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and allows professionals to focus on complex problem-solving and client-centric tasks.

A Simple Way to Understand Lending AI

Our speakers lead an industry discussion to demystify AI in the mortgage industry. Learn about its origins, how it impacts lending, the fundamentals on how it is trained, and what lies ahead in 2024 and beyond for our industry.