Love your LOS by TRUE AI

Love Your LOS

Uncover and clean up the complicated relationship between lenders and their LOS, and how accurate, AI-derived data is solving many common frustrations.
How AI Brings Trust to Borrower Data

How AI Brings Trust to Borrower Data

Our on-demand webinar includes speakers from PRMG, the STRATMOR GROUP, and TMC, as we discuss the deep-rooted challenges with borrower data, how this is affecting lender’s business priorities, and how they are being overcome with AI.
True Webinar

TMC Connect: Spring Webinar Series

We partnered with The Mortgage Collaborative for a spring webinar series all around data in the mortgage industry. Each on-demand webinar includes candid discussions with real-world examples from industry veterans.
9 Questions for Thinking about the ROI of Data

9 Questions for Thinking About the ROI of Data

ROI sounds simple: will we get more out of this business investment than it costs? The reality is anything but. These questions help successful firms grow and thrive through trusted, clean, reusable data.

The Continuously Improving ROI of Trusted Data

This paper considers the ROI of data in business, first generally and then in the context of the mortgage industry, to help lenders evaluate the need, effects and timing of investments that will change how your mortgage business handles data.