Ari Gross

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

As CEO and Co-Founder of TRUE, Dr. Ari Gross’ vision is to leverage AI, data, and automated processes to transform the entire lending experience. With over 20 years’ experience in artificial intelligence, computer vision, and data science, Ari drives the TRUE team daily to reimagine how technology can change the entire lending lifecycle, leading to smarter and quicker decisions, and previously unimaginable experiences for lenders and borrows alike.

Prior to TRUE, Ari led CVISION Technologies, where he focused on image compression, OCR, and business process automation. He then launched SoftWorks AI to address the growing needs of the knowledge worker automation market, which evolved into TRUE with a focus on lending intelligence.

Ari received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Columbia University and also oversees research at TRUE’s AI lab, which is focused solely on applying AI to the lending industry.