Introducing the

TRUE Platform

Lending intelligence that powers the entire loan decision process

TRUE’s AI technology creates accurate lending data that powers automation — for real results.

As pioneers of lending intelligence, TRUE designed a first-of-its-kind platform — a dynamic suite of highly configurable, AI-powered solutions that optimize every step of the lending automation lifecycle.

Other solutions use generic data classification that misses critical details and nuances, resulting in bad data — and bad decisions.

With contextualized classifiers trained especially for lending, TRUE audits and inspects every data point when verifying a loan. There’s no need for sampling or manual processes, and decisions are based on the true picture of the borrower.

It’s technology you can trust. It’s TRUE.

How TRUE Powers Your Potential

People don’t scale. But machines do. With TRUE, you can do more with less, faster, and gain unrivaled accuracy and greater flexibility.

What Makes TRUE AI Unique

TRUE revolutionizes lending with contextual AI technology that offers a human approach to data processing without human reliance. It interprets data within the context of lending, processing information like a person.

Our unique machine learning models create accurate lending data that powers automation by holistically comparing documents and data, understanding images, and classifying documents correctly.

It’s the power of TRUE AI.

Each of our automation solutions shares the same comprehensive core capabilities:

AI-Powered OCR

Advanced computer vision techniques and pioneering AI deliver a brand new level of precision.

  • Identifies hard-to-read text and extracts non-textual information from scanned text and photos
  • Understands processed pages deeper than any legacy OCR solution
  • Removes blank pages and detects existing text layers
  • Eliminates recognition error and manual data entry

Document Classification Engine

Powerful automation rapidly assembles lending documents where they need to be.

  • Organizes and routes lending documents based on your taxonomy and pre-set rules
  • Quickly classifies both structured and unstructured documents
  • Recognizes the most recent document versions
  • Identifies where a document begins and ends and its appropriate classification structure

Data Extraction Engine

Every data point is captured with exceptional accuracy — even from a pile of messy paperwork.

  • Extracts structured and unstructured data from scanned and electronic files
  • Actively collaborates with the Document Classification Engine
  • Enhances skewed, low-contrast, and unclear documents
  • Brings forward actionable data from all types of sources


TRUE intelligently powers lending decisions — but without the risk that often accompanies speed.

  • Accurately analyzes every data point in every document
  • Uncovers inconsistencies and accurately informs the right next steps for each loan
  • Provides comprehensive, verified, and actionable lending data
  • Gives a full picture of each borrower, so you can quickly proceed with loans

An End-to-End Lending Intelligence System

The TRUE platform serves as the foundation for all of your lending process activity. With this foundation in place, you can select from our suite of Lending Intelligence solutions, depending on your biggest areas of need. These cover the entire lending lifecycle: docs to data, loan origination verification, and loan servicing verification.

The result is an end-to-end lending intelligence system rooted in TRUE AI.

Make Financial Decisions with Intelligence

Our solutions provide support for a wide range of lending and financial services needs. Learn more about how they work with the TRUE Platform to drive intelligent decisions.