Introducing the

The TRUE QC Platform

Mortgage Quality Control Automation, now Powered by TRUE

TRUE’s AI technology creates accurate lending data that powers QC automation — for real results.

As pioneers of lending intelligence, TRUE designed a first-of-its-kind platform — a dynamic suite of highly configurable, AI-powered workflows, tasks, and checklists that optimize key steps of the QC lending lifecycle

The TRUE QC Platform automates internal quality control standards throughout the post closing review and quality assured processes.

Whether it’s correspondent purchase acquisition, wholesale new submission setup, or servicing on-boarding – The TRUE QC platform ensures a quality, serviceable, and trackable loan asset while increasing QC efficiency and productivity.

It’s technology you can trust. It’s TRUE.

How TRUE Powers Your Potential

People don’t scale. But machines do. With TRUE, you can do more with less, faster, and gain unrivaled accuracy and greater flexibility.

What Makes TRUE AI Unique

TRUE revolutionizes lending with contextual AI technology that offers a human approach to data processing without human reliance. It interprets data within the context of the QC lending lifecycle, processing information like a person – but it’s a machine.

Our unique machine learning models create accurate lending data that powers automated loan decisioning by holistically comparing documents and data, understanding images, and classifying documents correctly.

It’s the power of TRUE’s AI.


Multi-Layered Document Identification Engine

Advanced computer vision techniques and pioneering AI deliver a brand new level of precision.

  • Identifies hard-to-read text and extracts non-textual information from scanned text and photos
  • Understands processed pages deeper than any legacy OCR solution
  • Removes blank pages and detects existing text layers
  • Eliminates recognition error and manual data entry

Data Extraction Engine

With our mortgage machine learning models every data point is captured with exceptional accuracy — even from a pile of messy paperwork.

  • Extracts structured and unstructured data from scanned and electronic files
  • Actively collaborates with the Mortgage Document Classification Engine
  • Enhances skewed, low-contrast, and unclear documents
  • Brings forward actionable data from all types of sources

Workflow Automation & QC Orchestration

Using machine power, quality control becomes intuitive and intelligent

  • Automatically assigns document stacking order for each loan type
  • Using a powerful rules engine, checklists are intelligently orchestrated
  • Tasks are auto-completed based on condition, and highlighted based on outcome
  • All activities are monitored via an intuitive queuing-based user experience (UX)

Configuration & Analytics

Delivering control and quality intelligence to power users

  • Easy to use workflow management – with no-code configuration
  • Powerful reporting analytics, designed to provide QC transparency
  • Dashboards provide complete platform activity monitoring and control
  • Out of the box audit reporting, delivering a clear understanding of QC performance

An End-to-End AI Powered Quality Control System

The TRUE QC Platform expedites quality analysis by intelligently capturing and indexing mortgage documents, while evaluating the presence and accuracy of required documentation and related data across the entire loan lifecycle

The result is an end-to-end quality control system powered by TRUE’s AI.

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