Why the Secondary Market Needs AI-Enabled Accuracy

“Envision a totally automated loan validation that goes straight to an investor for purchase without an additional review being performed,” explains Devin Daly, CRO at TRUE with 15+ years managing teams within the secondary market.

But this future is not too far off. The next generation of automation solutions are powered by AI to increase accuracy, data completeness and speed across the industry. This “lending intelligence” is already being used by four out of the six US mortgage insurers and originators who are creating a true end-to-end digitally automated process within their organizations.

But is the secondary market ready for AI-powered automation technology? They should be. Benefits like improving post-closing QC and optimizing loan performance will enhance efficiency and profitability for investors and lenders across all parts the industry.

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  • How insurers and lenders prepare their loan’s for the secondary market with clean and accurate data.
  • What is verification of mortgage?
  • Post-Closing mortgage audit and how it’s the last line of defense.
  • How the secondary market can use AI to achieve key outcomes along the mortgage manufacturing journey.
  • And the future of AI in the tomorrow’s market 

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