How AI Will Help You Love Your LOS

Ready to revolutionize your mortgage production with lending-trained AI and eliminate the common headaches associated with your LOS or loan origination system? In our roundtable discussion between executives and IT managers from V.I.P. Mortgage, TruStone Financial, and TRUE, we’ll dig deep into how they’re applying AI to solve the challenges related to their LOS platforms, and talk about how applying AI at specific points in the document journey changed the way they do business.

Key Insights from the Webinar:

  • How both V.I.P. Mortgage & TruStone Financial took a very manual process and leveraged AI to transform the way their team reviews documents and validates data, saving up to a week’s worth of time.
  • How they implemented TRUE to achieve 97% accuracy within a short amount of time.
  • How they used AI to eliminate bottlenecks that decreased loan turn around and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Understand how TRUE’s Document Classification solution plugs into the eFolders within the Encompass platform
  • The future use cases for these lenders when it comes to expanding AI into other parts of the business including QC, Servicing, and Income Analysis to avoid buybacks, pre-fund issues, and create a checks and balances model.