Proof that We are TRUE 

by Ari Gross, CEO & Founder

Can you really trust artificial intelligence (AI) to fully automate docs-to-data and verification tasks for mortgage origination? Several vendors make this claim, but only one lets you put its technology to the test – online, in real time, and with you in full control.

See for yourself why we’re the only lending intelligence provider that’s as TRUE as our word.

When we made the decision to rebrand as TRUE, we knew we were making an unequivocal statement about the outcomes we deliver and our values as a company. Taking up the mantle of truth in data was a bold move. It had to be more than a promise. I wanted us to prove it.

Let me introduce TRUE’s Try Now experience. The only live, online demonstration of AI technology for the lending industry. Before you give it a go, let me explain why I believe you deserve the truth.

Business critical data

Declaring that you have technology that can automate tasks that would normally require human intellect is a big deal. Automation promises higher productivity and lower costs, and yet mortgage lenders continue to rely on trained human agents to read borrowers’ documents and extract the relevant data. Secondary markets evaluate loan portfolios based on a manual audit of a small percentage of the included loans.

Why? Because sound lending decisions depend on the integrity of borrowers’ data. When the quality of data is business critical, it’s only reasonable for mortgage providers to be skeptical about AI vendors’ claims.

My company has built AI that fully automates docs-to-data conversion and verification tasks. Should you simply believe me and finally let go of your trusted methods? Of course not – I need to give you evidence.

Reasons to disbelieve

AI is hard. I know this because it’s been the work of my life. I’ve published more than 40 papers and been awarded several patents in areas related to computer imaging, machine learning, and document automation. 

AI is also valuable. Rare and valuable things can be worth faking. The tech industry has gained a reputation for overstatement; stories of pseudo-AI can fill a book. As Olivia Solon, senior technology reporter for The Guardian US in San Francisco, puts it: “…some start-ups have worked out it’s cheaper and easier to get humans to behave like robots than it is to get machines to behave like humans.”

Make it, don’t fake it

What makes TRUE different? We’ve focused on very specific tasks, and we’ve done the hard work to ensure our technology consistently exceeds human performance. That has entailed several years of training our machine learning models in the language and lifecycle of lending.

We only make evidence-based claims about our technology. Once we’d proven that our AI could fully automate docs-to-data conversion and verification – faster, more affordably, and more reliably than human agents – our next challenge was overcoming widely-held convictions that AI was more hype than delivery.

That is what motivated us to build our Try Now experience. It lets you use your own documents to test the ability of our AI to recognize and categorize documents. There is no smoke-and-mirrors here: you’ll watch it happen live and in real-time, directly in your browser.

Visit Try Now on the TRUE website and see for yourself what genuine AI can do. It’s free, simple to use.

How to Try Now

  • Gather up a typical mix borrower’s documents: bank statements, W2s, 1040s, pay stubs, property appraisals, etc.
  • Go to, select Try Now!, and upload your file(s). Try Now accepts up to 5 files up to 10MB and 50 pages, in PDF, JPG, PNG and TIFF formats.
  • The TRUE platform goes to work. Within a few minutes, you’ll be presented with a report of how the AI has classified each document page-by-page.
  • This is a no commitment, no pressure experience.

It’s TRUE, there’s more!

  • Classifying documents is just the start of what TRUE can do. Our solutions also extract data from documents with unparalleled accuracy, we verify data throughout the loan origination process, and we audit entire loan portfolios in a matter of hours. 
  • At your request, we’ll connect you with an expert who can demonstrate the full capabilities of TRUE solutions and explain how they can be customized to your specific business needs.  

Are you ready to try the lending industry’s leading AI powered data automation solution?

Try Now!