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Remarkably fast loan decisioning

Achieve Groundbreaking Accuracy and Speed with Lending Intelligence

From document review, to data verification, to audit and decisioning, each of TRUE’s Lending Intelligence solutions leverages future-forward technology, for results that deliver a real competitive advantage.

Lending Intelligence Products & Solutions

The team at TRUE has spent years perfecting solutions specifically designed to meet the real needs of the lending industry. Other solutions use generic technology that misses the nuances of lending or relies on BPO models to fill in the gaps.

Powered by the TRUE platform, our lending intelligence solutions make remarkably fast, transparent, and automated loan decisioning a reality — whether it’s for pre-funding or post-funding.

Our team can work with you to assess your needs and objectives, and determine the best solutions for your business.

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Who We Serve

TRUE works with organizations at every lending stage to power intelligent decisions.

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Lending Originators

Exceed customer expectations with fast, flawless, automated loan decisioning. TRUE reduces manual document review by up to 85%, boosting your underwriter productivity by 125%.

Our platform rapidly analyzes every data point, so loan officers can make informed determinations easily and quickly. As a result, you can achieve mortgage origination automation by reducing processing costs while accelerating your approval process. You can scale to meet shifting market demands by using precise, lending-specific technology.

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Lending Insurers

Insurers have to make the right decisions fast to meet increasingly short turnaround times. TRUE speeds processing while providing incredibly accurate data.

Ensure your underwriters have correct data and complete loan files to make the right decisions. With TRUE, you can accelerate document identification and automate data extraction, freeing underwriters to focus on decisoning. And, we know it works – more than half of the mortgage insurance space uses our lending intelligence solutions.

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Lending Servicers

Rapidly assess large loan pools with unmatched accuracy. With advanced mortgage document classification, identification, and data extraction technologies, TRUE exposes potential risk, giving you a clear picture of borrowers.

With inconsistencies identified and scored, TRUE organizes good data so your team can make quick, accurate, and informed decisions with confidence.

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Lending Solutions Partners

TRUE grows your capabilities with highly accurate data that improves your bottom line and differentiates your offering.

Accelerate your service delivery and dynamically scale capacity with tools for rapidly classifying and indexing mortgage documents, automating data extraction, and improving data accuracy.

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