V.I.P. Mortgage: A TRUE Story

It’s about time a technology vendor holds up the promises they make around increased business flexibility, automation, and improved operational efficiency. This is what sets TRUE apart from the rest, but don’t just take our word for it.

What better way to discover the attainable benefits of TRUE AI than through the experience of one of our valued customers? Michael Metz, the Operations Manager at V.I.P. Mortgage, recently joined us and generously shared his journey with TRUE.

He will guide viewers through his entire process, from selecting an AI vendor to implementing our Encompass adapter, and how it has revolutionized his team’s operations.

Here are some key insights you can expect:

  • Michael’s meticulous vendor selection process that ultimately led V.I.P. Mortgage to choose TRUE
  • Initial perceptions of AI and how they transformed after implementation
  • Remarkable operational efficiencies gained through the use of AI
  • Measurable results, including significant time savings, enhanced productivity, increased data accuracy, and more
  • His firsthand experience with TRUE’s Encompass adapter
  • The impressive return on investment he has witnessed to date.