What is the ROI of Clean and Trusted Data on the Mortgage Industry?

That’s the question we posed to Devin Daly and Bob Noble, our in-house mortgage industry experts.

Devin and Bob combine decades of experience not just in lending, but in applying technology to resolve key industry challenges of productivity, operational elasticity to demand, and profitability.

For this webinar, they shared their perspectives on ROI with Stephen Epstein, our Chief Marketing Officer. Key points from the discussion were:

  • Any tech investment for processing data should improve productivity, but this is table stakes. The real ROI impact is seen in profitability.
  • Clean and trusted data is the precursor to the profitability outcomes that translate into ROI: costs savings, efficiencies, adaptability, and innovation.
  • Better quality data saves money by optimizing origination processes, catching and fixing errors early, and preventing data corrections – and ultimately loan repurchases.
  • It lets you automate more, improving speed and consistency in decision making, and freeing resources to enhance the customer experience.
  • More automation leads to a more elastic business model that can adapt to the changes in volumes that are inherent to the mortgage industry.
  • Richer and more accurate data means better insights about borrowers, allowing product teams to develop smarter pricing, product innovations, and service innovations.

Watch the recording of the webinar now >>