White Paper

Transforming the Mortgage Industry with TRUE Lending Intelligence

How AI Brings Trust to Mortgage Data

The mortgage industry runs on data, but difficulties with completeness and accuracy have made that data impossible to trust. A complex and risk-prone blend of human skill and technology is accepted as the cost of doing business.

Artificial intelligence is removing these challenges… forever. Next-generation optical AI, built by TRUE, reliably outperforms humans at reading, classifying and extracting data from borrowers’ documents that leads to automated loan decisioning.

The result is trusted lending intelligence. The impact of trust in data is genuine automation in origination and servicing – something that the mortgage industry has been seeking to achieve for many years.

This white paper, Transforming the Mortgage Industry with TRUE Lending Intelligence, examines lenders’ deep-rooted data challenges and how they are being overcome with AI-powered lending intelligence.

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  • How the data challenges can be defined and defeated 
  • How AI integrates with LOSs to remove frustrations and unlock value for accurate loan data decisioning
  • Why lending business models will change as automation increases 
  • The winners and losers from an emerging era of transformation 

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