Trusting Data: How AI Boosts Confidence in Lending QC

Lending professionals know that truth and data are not quite the same. Lending decisions are based on information presented by borrowers, but borrower data cannot always be trusted. With AI, gone are the days of sampling, and underlying risks. This technology can deliver on the promise of mortgage quality control, for every loan, document, and data point.

Enact and V.I.P Mortgage joined us for a roundtable discussion around the current challenges within the lending industry, with and without the use of AI technology. Our speakers unpack how AI is allowing their organizations to create an elastic operating model, reimagine their customer experience, and fundamentally modernize their mortgage manufacturing processes.

Key Takeaways include:

  • What challenges the industry is experiencing within the decisioning, originations, post-closing processes without data automation and AI technology. 
  • How to evaluate AI technology vendors to ensure they overcome these challenges.
  • After applying AI-powered technology, what are some of the immeadiate benefits they have seen in their operations and business processes?